Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Warning Signs That You May Be a Scrapbooking Addict

You may be a scrapbooking addict:

1. If you buy a new pink swimsuit because it matches the pink photo mounting paper.

2.  If you refuse to take your child to the emergency room without grabbing your camera first.

3.  If have tried to explain the benefits of skipping meals to save more money for scrapbook supplies.

4.   If your idea of a dream date is a man who loves to hammer your eyelets and refill your Hermafix.

5.  If you try to glue your child's tooth back into his mouth because you want a better "before and after" page.

6.  If you think that you must take your scrapbook supplies with you for a romantic weekend away.

7.  If you own 8 different tools that cut a perfect circle.

8.  If you falsely report your child missing so that you can get the digital enhancements of how they'd look ten years from now from the police department.

9.  If you're the only one at a social gathering yelling, "Just one more photo, folks; I don't have enough for a two-page spread!

10.  If a regular sandwich is no longer acceptable--it must be cropped or cut with decorative edges.

11.  If you try to claim your album purchases as a medical expense because it's such good "therapy".

12.  If your three-year-old wants to know if her coloring book is "archival quality."

AND finally....

13.  If you write to the friendly folks at Cropper Hopper to suggest a 2000 square foot tote transportable only by tractor trailer.


Leslie said...

Kathleen, tooo funny. I can actually relate to some of these. I drive down the road and describe colors from the CTMH color palate.

peggylee said...

Oh my Gosh we are sisters with a scrapbooking addiction, we should make a support group. Reading this made me laugh and think of myself. My girls say mommm and I quickly say just one more.

Peggy Lee
Whitefield, NH

Lisa said...

These are great! Kinda scary when I am setting here reading them going oh I do that! lol

Jena said...

Too funny! Yet sadly so true!

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