Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Haven't eaten your dinner?

This is one of the funniest videos. My granddaughter Mikayla likes to snack on goodies all day instead of eating at meal time. Enjoy!!

Before and After

I mentioned that my son was a Taxidermist. Well the first picture is what a bird looks like when he starts the process. It kinda looks like a wet mop!

I'm not sure of the process or what all has to be done, but after cleaning and fluffing and stuffing, the bird will finally look the the picture below. Isn't that amazing?

The bird is not quite finished at this point. It is in the final stages. He ended up creating a habitat scene and this was actually part of a larger piece I believe that has a predator hunting its prey.

It's Batgirl and Supergirl! Holy Jamoly!

Yes, Batgirl (Hannah) and Supergirl (Mikayla) - have come to visit my site. No, that is not ashes on the forehead of Supergirl. She is sporting her super tats!

Any bad guys walking the streets this Halloween night needed to look out for this dynamic duo! Actually with my son, the weightlifter, not many would actually dare cross that path anyway. Hee hee. Can you tell I'm missing that sweet little faces? Well, yes I am. I will soon have these pictures scrapped and will show you the layouts when they are done!

Children & Grandchildren

I thought I would post of picture of my son, Ian and his two little girls, Hannah, the older one and Mikayla the younger one. My son had got his antelope this year. They were all extatic because the freezer was bare. He also just got his elk a couple of weeks ago. My son is a taxidermist and works for Atchinson Taxidermy in Butte, MT. I will have to post a picture of my son's wife Amanda. Our little Hannah looks just like her mom, and little Mikayla looks just like her dad. She is the child that was blessed upon my son when I said "I hope you get a child just like you!" And she is. As my mom would say, "No flies land on her!"

Monday, December 22, 2008

January 2009 - Stamp of the Month - Moment in Time

This was my swap item for the CTMH January Stamp of the Month called Moments in Time. It could be a valentine care, or a birthday card or a card expressing love. This was a fun card and came together pretty easily. That doesn't happen very often! The actual size of the card is 5" x 7". Colors are Baby Pink, Citris Green and Black. The other sets I used was Treasured Moments of the Heart and Memories. I embellished with black Brads, Sparkles and Just Bloooms paper flowers.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

6x6 Recipe Swap

I joined a 6x6 swap and this is just one of my favorite recipes. The first time I made these muffins, I would daydream of opening up a little coffee shop (rivaling Starbucks) but I would feature only the best muffins on the face of this earth that were every bit as good as this muffin recipe. I even started planning what muffins would be featured each day. Lunch time would feature homemade soups, salads and a special deli sandwich. In the afternoons, my friends would drop by and we would while away the afternoon with coffee, scrapbooking, and stamping. Later on an occasional guitar playing friend and folk singer would drop by and entertain during the evening. Everyone would join in song, maybe stand up and do some karoke or even tell some jokes. It would evolve into a Prairie Home Companion type gathering. It would be a cozy, comfortable place that people would love to come because everyone felt like they belonged. Wouldn't you like to join me for some muffins?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Card Workshop

Here are the cards for the workshop that we had in November. I have been bad about keeping up my blog posts. I have decided I am going to post at least once a week and maybe even more. And, this is my second post for today!

Okay, I have to credit a number of consultants from the bulletin board for several of the designs on the cards: Nona Davenport - No Greater Love; Caron Barnard for some of the other designs.

Stamp Set: All Decked Out
Outdoor Denim CS & E.Ink
Sorbet & Creme Brulee Markers
Silver Brads

Stamp Set: Feathery Flakes & Christmas Scripts
Aspen Level II Paper Pack
Bamboo CS & E.Ink
Twilight Collections Ribbon Rounds

Stamp Set: No Greater Love
Simple Pleasures Level II Paper Pack
Cocoa CS & E.Ink
Desert Sand E.Ink
Pewter Brads

Stamp Set: Evergreen
Creative Basics Evensong Collection Papers
New England Ivy CS & E.Ink
Olive CS
Honey CS
Brown Bag E.Ink
White Large Brads

Stamp Set: Festive Frills
Everlasting Level 2 Paper Packet
Ponderosa Pine CS & E.Ink
Cranberry CS & E.Ink
Cranberry Grosgrain Ribbon
Holiday Red Stickles

Nursery Bash

Tomorrow, Dec 2nd is my Granddaughter Mikayla's birthday. This was the card that I made for her.

She is quite the little firecracker! I can't wait to go see her! She is so much like her daddy (my son)! They are the button pushers of the world--you know the type--"Ian, do not step across this line!" "Is it OK if my foot is like this?" (Half way over the line) "OK, how about this then?" (Other foot half way over the line) etc. He loves to get sales calls. Once he got a call from India from a guy selling cellular service. A half hour later my son was saying, "So if I'm riding an elephant and I try to make a phone call ..." The guy ended up hanging up on him!

Anyway, this card uses some of my retired papers and colors: Wildberry, Aspen Green (both retired) and Dutch Blue with the Nursery Bash set.

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