2017-18 Retirement List

Retire List Annual Inspirations 2017-18
Item # Description
3505 Watercolor Pencils
A1182 Etched Alphabet
A1189 Short & Sweet
A1192 Happy Heart
A1192F Happy Heart
A1192S Happy Heart
A1210 Created to Create
A1211 Aussie Greetings 
A1212 Bonne Fete  
A1213 Merci
B1484 Jennifer's Hand
B1532 Sweet Birthday
B1536 All the Thanks
B1537 Birthday Sparkles
B1539 Pen Pal Alphabet
B1557 Thanks a Million
B1558 Baby Animals
B1561 Faithful Friends
B1563 Sending Prayers
B1564 ConGRADulations
B1565 A New Adventure
B1568 Wild Backgrounds
B1571 Hunting for Words
B1572 Banner Love
B1573 God's Blessings
B1574 I Made This
B1579 Vamos a Celebrar
B1580 Quinceanera
C1661 Heartfelt Thoughts
C1667 This & That
C1669 Emojis
C1684 Inked with Love
C1685 Inspire
C1687 Southern Sass
C1690 For You Darling
C1693 Many Congratulations
C1694 Felicidades
C1695 Go Wild
C1696 This is Paradise
C1697 Island Patterns
C1698 Kia Ora
C1699 Much Aroha
C1700 Avec Amour
C1701 Invitation
D1703 Nature's Wish
D1706 School Kids
D1725 For All Seasons
D1726 Sweet Baby
D1727 Cat's Meow
D1728 What Matters Most
D1729 Colorblock Alphabet
D1731 Eat Cake & Celebrate
D1732 We Are Makers
D1733 Splash of Color
D1739 Thoughtful Bird
D1740 Inspired Words
D1741 Beautiful You
D1742 Constellations
D1747 Happily Ever After
D1749 Flourishes
D1750 In The Background
D1751 Punny Pals
E1027 Framework Alphabet
E1030 Handwritten Print
E1032 Typography 
E1033 Inked Alphabet
E1034 Marker Alphabet
E1035 Bistro Script
E1036 Flowering Alphabet
M1150 Little Leaves
M1178 Delicate Flower
M1179 Shells & Stars
M1180 Paws
M1185 Thank You
M1186 Happy Birthday
M1187 Thinking of You
M1188 Celebrate
M1189 Gracias
M1190 Te Quiero
X5941 Cardstock—Bashful
Y1012 4" × 5" My Acrylix® Block
Z1143 Brown StazOn™ Re-inker
Z1834 Large Organizer
Z1897 Daubers Foam Insert
Z1898 Pigment Inks Foam Insert
Z2046 Piercing & Embossing Tool Kit
Z2263 White Daisy Reinker
Z2504 Exclusive Inks™ Mini Pigment Pads Set—Whimsy
Z2505 Exclusive Inks™ Mini Pigment Pads Set—Enchantment
Z2506 Exclusive Inks™ Mini Pigment Pads Set—Adventure
Z2508 Exclusive Inks™ Mini Pigment Pad—Bashful
Z2509 Exclusive Inks™ Mini Pigment Pads Set—Basics
Z2719 Exclusive Inks™ Re-inker—Bashful
Z2819 Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad—Bashful
Z3026 Memory Protectors™ Variety Pack
Z3095 Whisper Thick Twine
Z3146 Watercolor Paper
Z3185 My Legacy™ 1" Album Posts
Z3216 White Twine
Z3329 Thin Cuts—Basic Stars
Z3344 Thin Cuts—Basic Tags
Z3345 Thin Cuts—Basic Banners
Z3346 Embossing Folder—Alphabet
Z3347 Thin Cuts—Heart Border
Z3348 Thin Cuts—Scallop Border
Z3349 Thin Cuts—Ribbon Border
Z3350 Whimsy Fundamental Paper Packet
Z3351 Adventure Fundamental Paper Packet
Z3352 Enchantment Fundamental Paper Packet
Z3353 Basics Fundamental Paper Packet
Z3354 Inspire Complements
Z3355 Happy Moments Complements
Z3356 All-Star Complements
Z3357 Better Together Complements
Z3358 Thin Cuts—Family
Z3359 Thin Cuts—Hi There
Z3360 Glitter Paper—Bashful
Z3361 Whimsy Ribbon Pack
Z3362 Adventure Ribbon Pack
Z3363 Enchantment Ribbon Pack
Z3364 Basics Ribbon Pack
Z3369 Bashful Pearls
Z3372 Adhesive Runner
Z3374 Sweet Birthday Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z3375 For You Darling Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z3376 Sweet Baby Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z3377 Thoughtful Bird Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z3381 Gold Heart Clips
Z3384 Beautiful You Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z3394 Cut Above® Tag Kit—Golden Moments
Z3395 Cut Above® Card Kit—Golden Moments
Z4138 Small Organizer
Z4139 Medium Organizer
Z4140 Craft Boxes Foam Insert
Z4141 My Acrylix Blocks Foam Insert
Z555 Craft Heater
Z889 Black StazOn™ Re-inker
Z892 VersaMark™ Re-inker
Z899 Black Memento™ Ink Pad
Z9979 Everyday Life™ Album—Stripes
2017 Holiday Expressions
Item # Description
Z4029 Bronze Sequins
Retire List Seasonal Expressions 2
Item # Description
A1219 New Adventures
A1220 Be You
A1221 Hearts Background
A1222 Stamped with Love
B1598 Petits Bonheurs
B1601 Landmarks
B1602 Mi Familia
B1603 Birthday Key
B1604 It's a Grandbaby
B1605 Dino-mite Birthday
B1617 Koala Adventures
B1618 Le Temps des Vacances
C1715 Central Park—Cardmaking
C1717 Cinco de Mayo
C1718 Heartfelt Thanks
C1719 Documented—Cardmaking
C1720  Beautiful Friendship—Cardmaking
C1721 Shell Sentiments
C1722 Fresh Air—Cardmaking
C1723 Ribbon Warrior
C1724 Nights of Lights
D1751 Punny Pals
D1770 Kitchen Traditions
D1772 Documented—Scrapbooking
D1774 Build-a-Picnic
D1775 Central Park—Scrapbooking
D1776 On Holiday
D1777 Canadian Vacation
D1778 US Vacation
D1779 Beautiful Friendship—Scrapbooking
D1780 Aloha Spirit
D1781 Let's Go Fishing
D1782 Real Heroes
D1783 Fresh Air—Scrapbooking 
D1787 Music Speaks
D1788 Movie Night
G1151 Workshops Your Way® Central Park Scrapbooking Kit
G1152 Workshops Your Way® Fresh Air Scrapbooking Kit
G1153 Workshops Your Way® Beautiful Friendship Scrapbooking Kit
G1154 Workshops Your Way® Documented Scrapbooking Kit
G1155 Workshops Your Way®  Cheers to You Cardmaking Kit
G1156 Workshops Your Way® In My Heart Cardmaking Kit
G1157 Workshops Your Way® Festive Birthday Cardmaking Kit
G1158 Workshops Your Way® Sweet Friends Cardmaking Kit
M1205 Mini Independence Day
M1206 Mini Canada Day
S1805 Classic Summer Bash
S1806 A Bushel & a Peck
S1807 Highlight Reel
S1808 For the Love of Crafting
X7231B Central Park Paper Packet
X7231C Central Park Complements
X7231D Central Park Coordinating Cardstock
X7231E Picture My Life™ Cards—Birthday Cheer
X7232B Fresh Air Paper Packet
X7232C Fresh Air Complements
X7232D Fresh Air Coordinating Cardstock
X7233B Beautiful Friendship Paper Packet
X7233C Beautiful Friendship Complements
X7233D Beautiful Friendship Coordinating Cardstock
X7234B Documented Paper Packet
X7234C Documented Complements
X7234D Documented Coordinating Cardstock
X7234E Picture My Life™ Cards—Love Us
Z4167 Cut Above® Kitchen Traditions Bundle
Z4168 Cut Above® Recipe Kit—Kitchen Traditions
Z4169 Cut Above® Recipe Kit—Kitchen Traditions (with Memory Protectors™)
Z4170 New England Ivy Burlap Ribbon
Z4171 Documented Titles 
Z4172 Documented Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z4177 Documented Dots
Z4178 Central Park Sequins
Z4179 Central Park Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z4180 Beautiful Friendship Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z4183 Summer Fun Paper Doll Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z4184 Ribbon Warrior Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z4185 Fresh Air Shapes
Z4186 Fresh Air Cardmaking Stamp + Thin Cuts
Z4195 Beautiful Friendship Bows
Z4197 Central Park Alphabet
Z4199 Cut Above® Layout Kit—Family Ties
Z9979 Everyday Life™ Album—Stripes

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