Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Adventures in Studio J

I had so much fun creating the girls layout the other day that I had to create one just for their little brother Xan-Man (Xander)!  I discovered some other neat things in Studio J that you can do with pictures.  When you learn design principles, one of the things you learn is to keep your viewer's eyes focused in on your page.  So, instead of having an airplane flying off the page (which makes the viewers' eyes veer off the layout), you turn the plane around so that it is flying into the page.  You get the idea.

Well, in the picture below, my son and grandson's eyes were looking off the page and I wanted to turn flip that around so the picture would keep your eyes on the page.  So, I found out that not only can you blow up and shrink pictures right there on the page, but you can flip them horizontally (or any other way you want).  I am having SO much fun!  Here's Xan-Man's layout (you can click on the pictures to make larger to see it better):

Larger detail of left side of layout:

More detailed view of the Right side of layout:
When I first created the layout (I knew which one I wanted) but the papers I first chose were the Wings.  While it was a spectacular layout, it was just not for a boy--too many butterflies.  You wouldn't believe how easy it was to switch the papers!  Then a few switches of the MyStickease and voila!  Not only is Studio J easy to use but it is really FUN!  And, if nothing else, it gives you some terrific ideas for classic scrapbooking.  It is FREE to create a .jpg from now until the end of June.  Believe me, if you have a few minutes, you should go for it!!

Happy scrapbooking either way (classic or Studio J)!!

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