Monday, June 27, 2011

Event Calendar

So I'm sure you may be wondering what an "Event Calendar" is.  It is also known as a Perpetual Calendar.  It is a calendar that has no year on it, just the days of the month by number so that you can record all the birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates you need to remember. The Event Calendar can be used year after year!  CTMH's Event Calendar looks like this:
And, when you see something so blank you just have to stamp on it.  We created this calendar over two workshops.  Below are the top and bottom of calendars:

JANUARY is credited to Brenda Frerichs (she is amazingly talented!)

JANUARY bottom:


MARCH - This one came from an event calendar swap and I'm not sure who the artist was:



JUNE - I think I saw this on the Consultant Board and loved it but didn't note who the artist was:


AUGUST (cracked glass technique - although it's hard to see the cracks):

SEPTEMBER - from an Event Calendar swap - artist unknown.

OCTOBER - Event Calendar Swap by Andra Stone



I love these Event Calendars because the are not only FUN to look at, you can see what is up and coming for that month at a glance! 

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