Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pivot Stapler (reprint from MyCTMH site)

(Note that this article appeared on my Online Ordering site as an "Idea of the Month". )

One of my favorite tools to use is the Pivot Stapler which is a unique tool to CTMH!  you can swing the stapler around in all directions to make stapling easier.
The ideas in this post are used by permission and were created by Alisan Smith - A very creative and talented CTMH Consultant whose ideas I still use ALL the time--thank you Alisan!!  (Note that you can click on pictures to see greater details.)  The first item it showing ways to embellish with staples.

Next is another way to embellish using staples:

The great thing about the stapler is that you can staple all the way down the border of a 12x12 page (do click on this to blow up to see detail!)

On this last one, the ribbon was stapled down and tied a knot around the staple. These bows are NEVER falling off!

Hope you enjoyed today's adventures in stapling!

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