Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mid-month Feature Blog Hop

I just joined a new CTMH blog hop that just started up.  It features a mid-month hop with different themes as well as stamp of the month themes. This month I continued with the Stamp of the Month theme because I just love this stamp set!

If you have come here from {Jody Gustafson's Blog} you are still on the right track.  We have 14 artists participating in this blog hop.  Below you will see my artwork and a little tutorial.  From here you will be heading over to {Kristine Ponte's Blog} to see her lovely eye-candy!
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I have created a round card with the little fire-cracker stamp.  I just love those little fire crackers!  I tipped the top of the wick (created with white waxy flax) with a tiny bit of orange glitter and then added liquid glass to the fire crackers for a little more dimension.
A closer look here for dimension and detail.

Recipe:  Z1353 White Daisy Circle Cards; D1458 American Celebration; G1021 Fanfare WOTG kit; Z1400 Fanfare Level 2 Brad Assortment; Z1369 Red Button Assortment; Z1371 Blue Button Assortment; Z1081 Colonial White Waxy flax; Z679 Liquid Glass; Sunny Yellow, Cranberry and Pacifica Exclusive Inks; Star gem stones of unknown origin; Spellbinder Nestabilities labels 15.

Next we have the Paper Rocket Confetti Poppers and Tutorial:

Gather supplies:  Assorted printed papers; paper towel or toilet paper tube; tissue paper; floss or string, favorite adhesive, hot glue gun; 2 pony beads (won't show); ribbon for streamers; stickers or other embellishments to decorate your rocket.

Gather tools:  Staper; scissors; craft or needlework needle; hole puncher; 1-1/4" circle punch (my tube is 1-1/2" diameter so punch needs to be smaller than tube diameter) & fun craft punches for confetti (if you are making your own).

1.  Cut a small piece of tissue paper about 3" x 3" (big enough to cover bottom of you tube).  Next punch out a circle from scratch cardstock (CS).  With some glue, attach the CS circle to center of tissue paper. 

2.  Let it dry and then thread about an arm's length of twine into your craft needle and tie a bead to the end for a knot.  Thread thru the center of your the CS circle attached to tissue paper.  This is the chamber door that will hold your confetti.

3.  Glue the tissue paper door to your cardboard tube with a small line of glue around the bottom of the tube.

4.  The string will come thru the bottom of the tube.  You may wish to decorate the end of the string with a pull tab of some sort (shown later on).

5.  Next, you will cut a piece of pattern paper to cover your tube.  Mine is 4-1/4" x 6".

6.  On the paper that will cover the roll I decided to add ribbon streamers and just used scotch tape to tape them to the inside of the paper before I cover the roll.

7.  After the roll is covered you can add decorations to the outside.  Now you are ready to fill your rocket with confetti.  I used some star confetti and decided they would drop like rocks so I made some tissue confetti from the left over tissue paper I used to cover the bottom of the rocket.  That way the confetti will sorta float like feathers.

8.  For the rocket top, I used cut a large circle out of pattern paper and cut to the center of the paper.

9.  I cut a triangle out of the circle so I could bring the ends together to form a cone.

10.  String will come out the top of the cone to hold up your rocket so you can poke a hole through the center of the cone.

11.  On the rocket tube, punch a hole on each side at the top across from each other.  Thread string (I used very thin ribbon thru the  holes and take both ends of the ribbon and string it through a pony bead.  The top of your cone will rest on top of the pony bead.  Now thread the ribbon thru the top of the cone.

12.  I secured the cone to the top of the rocket with low temperature hot glue.

13.  That is the pull tab of my rocket which is hanging from a ceiling fan.

14.  Ahhhh, the decorated rocket in all its glory.  Now all I need is a few grandkids to test it out.

15. Add some grandkids to the mix to see if they think pulling the tab and having the confetti fly out is fun.  Yep, it worked!

Now, if you stayed for the whole tutorial by sure to hop on over to over to {Kristine Ponte's Blog} to see her lovely eye-candy!


scrappernic said...

Your card i fantastic, but that popper just blew my mind. I will definitely have to try that!

Amy said...

What a fun project and great tutorial you did. Your card was also stunning!

Diana said...

Love your projects! I'm going to have to try the paper popper!!

Jody Gustafson said...

OMG how fun is this! Your party popper is truly amazing. Thanks for the tutorial.

Haley D. said...

What an adorable rocket "pinata"! It looks like the kids loved it. Nice card too!

Kristin said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! Love your card too.

Tammy said...

WOW that Paper Rocket Confetti Popper is awesome. Way too cute. Great Tutorial! Card is so cute and fun. Loved them both.

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