Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Establishment Media Pushing Brain Eating Vaccines

This is really happening!  It was bad enough to put flouride in the water (first used by Germany during WWII to subdue and dumb down concentration camp prisoners).  Now main stream media is trying to tell us that to lobotimize all the masses into servile minions for the abberant globalist filth is something we should happily volunteer to do.  Aren't you sick of being poisoned by the water, GMO in your food?  Try to find a pack of gum (sugared gum) that doesn't have aspertame (poison) in it.  Why would sugared gum have aspertame?  Wake up America to the evil, nefarious, globalist scums who want to get rid of you!  They are going to be testing this on many groups of our military in the next couple of months to remove their humanity and turn them into lobotimized zombies who can no longer think for themselves and must succumb.

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