Monday, December 1, 2008

Nursery Bash

Tomorrow, Dec 2nd is my Granddaughter Mikayla's birthday. This was the card that I made for her.

She is quite the little firecracker! I can't wait to go see her! She is so much like her daddy (my son)! They are the button pushers of the world--you know the type--"Ian, do not step across this line!" "Is it OK if my foot is like this?" (Half way over the line) "OK, how about this then?" (Other foot half way over the line) etc. He loves to get sales calls. Once he got a call from India from a guy selling cellular service. A half hour later my son was saying, "So if I'm riding an elephant and I try to make a phone call ..." The guy ended up hanging up on him!

Anyway, this card uses some of my retired papers and colors: Wildberry, Aspen Green (both retired) and Dutch Blue with the Nursery Bash set.

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