Friday, January 30, 2009

Emporium Layout

This is a layout for my February Workshop. It is done with the Emporium Level II papers and the D1330-Connections stamp set.

Here is what the journaling that shows says: Mikayla and Hannah "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow" Hannah's hair was just getting too long and unmanageable. So Mom decided she was going to trim it. Of course, Dad was freaking out! So, while he was watching TV, Mom decided to lop off the hair when Dad was distracted! Mikayla got a little trim too! (We don't want to leave her out.)

The next morning Hannah comes running in to Mom and Dad's room with Mikayla's hair in hand and says: "You guys better get up! Mikayla is cutting her hair!" Mikayla said, "Well it was getting in my eyes so I cut it off."

Fortunately, it was only her bangs and fortunately because her hair is curly, it blended in perfectly!

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