Saturday, October 4, 2008

So Bring on the Creativity!

Oh my gosh! I'm becoming a blogger. Blogging was definitely something I was never going to do, like I was never going to buy stamps or start scrapbooking or things like that.... But, as it is written in Eccl 3:1, "for every time there is a purpose" and today, my purpose is to start a blog.

Yes, life is like a bowl of stamps . . . each day starts new as a blank and with each new impression it can build to a masterpiece! Ha ha. Sounded good though, didn't it? So much for artistic philosophy!

OK. My hopes for this blog is to share things that I think are fun, creative, and have probably stolen from someone else. I come from the Creatively Challenged Clan, yes, the CCCs. I only hope that I have added enough of my own touches so that you don't know that it was YOU I probably stole it from. So stay tuned for up and coming CASES (you know -- "C"opy "A"nd "S"teal "E"verything).

Finally, if life's like a bowl of stamps, why was I short changed on creativity??


KaLue said...

You may think you are short changed on creativity, but you have a great way with words! Your blogging is going to keep readers coming! I'm hooked!! :)

Karisse - fellow CTMH consultant!

scrap your heart out with Jen said...

Just love your intro. I too cannot believe I am blogging. It was too scary to start, too much committment and I thought I am not good enough to blog. Well I jumped with 2 feet in and I'm still swimming. I am inspired by your blog and will become a follower. Check mine out when you get a

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