Saturday, September 3, 2016

August 2016--the Missed Month

August was a pretty tough month for our family and it seems I completely missed posting at all in August.  The day before her 3rd birthday (July 30th), my granddaughter Sophia, took a fall that hyper extended her neck and the swelling of her brain caused neurological problems.  She was life-flighted to Sacred Heart Children's Medical Center in Spokane.  She was there for almost a week which revealed she had Chiari (One) Malformation--which can only be repaired by surgery.

Thanks to physical therapy and her family, Sophia is now walking independently. She still has a little muscle weakness in her left leg, and left hand. Sophia is getting stronger week by week. She is practically back to her little spirited self. Her stutter that she acquired after the fall has almost disappeared as well. Sophia can't wait to get her surgery (get the boo-boo part removed) so she won't have to wear her brace anymore, and looking forward to being able to have both parents by her side for comfort and support.
Sophia is having her surgery this coming week  on Wednesday September 7th.  She will be in the hospital about one week before she can come home and I will be staying with my other beautiful granddaughter (her sister) Zoe who is in first grade.

Sophia will be starting preschool a couple days a week when she is feeling up to it after surgery. She couldn't be more excited about school, especially after watching her older sister going to school the past few years, now it's her turn. We really have no idea what to expect after surgery and will just have to wait and see how things will unfold. Thanks to all those who have helped in supporting Sophia on this journey.

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Lori Scott said...

Poor little Sophea. I pray that she will have a quick recovery.

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