Friday, April 29, 2016

Stamps Retiring on April 30, 2016 (Last Day to Order)

A1184 Rejoice $6.95        

A1185 Friendly Wishes $6.95        

A1186 Pirate Birthday $6.95

B1507 To The Moon $9.95  

B1508 Kiss It Better $9.95 (Cricut Compatible)

B1509 My Mother (US/CA) $9.95  

B1510 Sugar & Spice $9.95 (Cricut compatible)  

B1512 Play Hard - Gymnastics $9.95 (Cricut compatible)  

B1513 Block Uppercase $9.95  

B1514 Play Hard - Diving $9.95 (Cricut compatible)  

B1515 Play Hard - Cheer $9.95 (Cricut compatible)  

B1516 Your Beautiful Self $9.95  

C1635 Our Story $13.95 (Cricut compatible)  

C1636 Live, Laugh, Love $13.95 (Cricut compatible)  

C1637 Stamps of Approval $13.95 (Cricut compatible)  

C1638 Spring Critters $13.95  

C1639 Take Heart $13.95  

C1640  Friend in Me $13.95  

C1641 Springtime Wishes $13.95  

C1642 My Anchor $13.95  

C1643 Stuck on You $13.95  

D1683 Woodland Romance $17.95 (Cricut compatible)  

D1684 Beach Days $17.95 (Cricut compatible)  

M1135 On the Plus Side $2.95  

M1136 Patch of Sky $2.95  

M1137 A Day for Mother $2.95  

Hope you are enjoying all the new stamps from our Seasonal Expressions I!!  And now, when you see the new Seasonal Expressions II it will knock your socks off!

Happy Crafting!


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