Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elegant sponged cards

I really love some of the beautiful bulky cards I see people make but I always wonder how they are going to mail those cards.  Today, I am presenting some elegant single layer sponged cards.  The first time I saw these all I could say was WOW!  I saw them on Melinda Everette's blog and she saw them on Heather Telford's blog.  My rendition of those cards are below.  I did 8 card combinations (because this was my monthly workshop).  I wanted everyone to have colors to choose from and wanted to give everyone a variety of images to work from.  If you are like me, I always want to make what I see!  Attendees got to make 6 of the 8 cards.  It was a customer appreciation workshop!

CTMH colors used:  Sunflower, Sunset and Cranberry

CTMH colors used:  Blush, Petal and Gypsy

CTMH colors used:  Creme Brulee, Desert Sand, Chocolate

CTMH colors used:  Sweet Leaf, Topiary, Moonstruck

CTMH colors used:  Heavenly Blue, Sky, Dutch Blue

CTMH colors used:  Sunny Yellow, Sunflower, Orange (retired)

CTMH colors used:  Grey Flannel, Grey Wool, Black

CTMH colors used:  Sunny Yellow, Pear, Lagoon

Every time I finished one of these cards, I kept thinking "This is my favorite color combo."  "No, this is my favorite color combo."  But I just love all of them for two reasons:  they look elegant and can be easily mailed!


Sheila Bennett said...

Beautiful cards, beautiful colors! Love how you stamped one of the images to span the two sections of the card.

Judy said...

Kathleen these are beautiful! I am soooo scraplifting these.

Leslie said...

Kathleen, Beautiful cards. I have so many questions. I think my most pressing question is where do you get or how do you mask a 5.5" area? The largest post-it I have is only 4" wide.
Thanks so much for sharing. I know you cased from someone else who cased, but glad you did. ~ grins

Haley D. said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! I am totally lifting these. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? :)

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