Monday, October 10, 2011

Blog Award - Oh My Gosh!

Oh my gosh! Sarah Batkin, whose beautiful and inspirational blog is Sarah Batkin's Legacy of Love, awarded me this darling blog award back on September 19th.  I finally got a day off where I was going back through my email trying to catch up and noticed that she had awarded this to me.  Thank you Sarah!  Thank you so much!!

Liebster is German for "favorite" or "beloved".  So essentially it translates into "Favorite Blog".  The award is sent to blogs that have fewer than 200 followers.  It recognizes the "little blogs" out there and helps to draw more followers . . . something every blogger wants, right?

And here is the best part:  As part of accepting this award, I get to pass it on to 5 blogs.  I can think of a lot more so this is not going to be easy recognizing only 5.  So, here are the blogs I have chosen to recognize and why I would like to recognize them:

Nancy Brown, Creatively Artsy Card Gallary.  I learned so much about layering from Nancy. She has some seriously beautiful cards and amazing Etsy cards.

Sheila Bennett, Sheila's Stamping Stuff.  Sheila has a great blog!  She is pretty much a consistent poster to her blog and she inspires me to do more!!

Adeline Brill, Welcome To My Creative Place.  Adeline was one of the original people who inspired me to blog!  She is one creative lady!

Melinda Everitt, If You Bling It They Will Come.  Melinda always has some fun projects and fun artwork!

Olena Dundee, From My Hands, To Your Heart.  I love Olena's layering techniques.  She has beautiful artwork.  As a MojoMonday fan, I've admired Olena's blog for a long time!
All of these ladies are SO talented and I hope you will visit them and enjoy their beautiful artwork as I have!


Melinda said...

Kathleen, Thank you so much for this wonderful honor! Now I need to go find 5 smaller blogs to give this to. Hoping it works and I get more followers!

Olena said...

Thank you for this beautiful honor!!!! Olena

Adeline E. Brill said...

OMG - I thought this was spam! So sorry - what an honor! Thank you so much for this blog trophy!

Adeline E. Brill said...

BTW -how do we pass this on?? to 5 of our favorites!

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