Monday, July 5, 2010

FAC - Pages 5 - 10

I finished the rest of the mini album and took a break for Fourth of July. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th, remembering that our Founding Fathers were profound in their recognition of the threat that comes from Globalists wishing to destroy our freedom, especially FREEDOM OF RELIGION, SPEECH and RIGHT TO BEAR ARM AGAINST a tyrannical government. Hmmm seems our Founding Father's knew what Globalist could do to a government and a country.  How amazing and brilliant our Founding Father's were!

So, continuing with the Fabulously Artsy Challenge. Here is page 5--which is a pocket:

Here is page 6:

This is the front of the pocket insert (below):

And here is the back of the pocket insert (below):

Next we have pages 7 & 8 which is made into 4 small half pages.  This is page 7.  The tag is made by gluing 5 punched circles of cardstock together:

Here are the center pages of page 7 & 8:

The page below is the back side of this  -- page 8:

Page 9 is a fold out page:

Here is the page with the fold out flipped up:

And finally page 10.

I think that Teresa Black is an amazingly creative person!  Hmmm I wonder if she is left handed?  Well, next Saturday we will be putting together one of these little babies but it seems like the Splendor Paper Pack is the paper of choice.  So now, I'm off to start those creative juices flowing!!  Wish I could borrow some of Teresa's creativity....

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